Core Business

Atalanta store

The Atalanta Stores are the official retail stores of the blue & black football club, a veritable “paradise” for Atalanta fans where they can indulge in the purchase of exclusively original products, dedicated to their team. Customers have an array to choose from official competition jerseys to the official team flags and key chains, from bed linens to blankets, from swimwear to beach towels, from glasses to watches, in addition to everything an Atalanta fan could need to decorate their table, along with products created for our four-legged friends.

The main store was inaugurated in Bergamo city center in 2016.

To satisfy Atalanta fans throughout Italy, in Spring 2012 the Atalanta Bergamo Football Club officially launched the e-commerce site to allow fans of the black and blue team to purchase team merchandise from the comfort of their own home.