Food Management Srl is one of the most recent companies founded and managed by the business company Percassi.

“Da30Polenta” was created with the aim of developing a food service business, the Percassi company acquired the original format and transformed it into a new model, creating a franchise chain to be launched on national and international markets.

The first Da30Polenta shop opened as a non-conventional catering concept on May 16, 2014, inside one of the best-known shopping malls in Italy, the Orio Center.

The concept of this store completely renovated in every detail and made unique, led to the creation of a new format, based on the communication of the product, supported by the presence of an original and genuine menu.

The format offers products suited to all age groups and today’s different consumer needs, in addition to offering a takeaway service. The room given to polenta is in line with the simple, genuine culinary offering; the machinery is also “on show”, so that customers can watch the food being made.