Core Business

Arcus Real Estate

Arcus Real Estate is an Italian company specialized in the development, marketing and management of high-end retail real estate projects, mainly in the luxury segment.

A successful company that manages a surface area of more than 200,000 square meters on the national territory, including Sicilia Outlet Village, one of the most exclusive outlets in Italy. Arcus also has three new major shopping centers in the works in the cities of Turin, San Pellegrino Terme and Milan.

Arcus Real Estate operates through a team of professionals with extensive experience and knowledge of the European market, qualified to offer the highest quality at every stage of the real estate process, from planning to leasing, from management to marketing.

Innovation, quality, and sustainability: in keeping with these principles Arcus Real Estate is always looking for new ways to interpret the retail market, with the goal of achieving successful projects with the highest added value for brand partners, customers, and investors, generating value over time. The company establishes lasting relationships, ensuring reliable management of commercial assets in which it plays an active role.

Arcus Real Estate also extends this ambitious goal to its customers by offering a shopping experience that goes beyond a simple purchase.

The results are projects of extraordinary elegance, modernity, and prestige, perfectly integrated into the social and economic context of their location, with a low impact on the surrounding environment.

Passion, innovative ideas, creativity, excellent customer relationships combined with a continuous search for excellence and economic return: this is the recipe that has allowed Arcus Real Estate to achieve commercial success by developing unique projects that attract prestigious partners, building a solid reputation in the real estate and retail market.