Cogestil, one of Italy’s most important construction companies, is Percassi’s contractor that handles major Real Estate projects, offering services in the following phases:

– Pre-construction: Evaluation, Value Engineering / Life Cycle Analysis, Virtual Project Coordination, Design Leadership, Construction Planning, Site Analysis / Real Estate Services, Certifications, Tender Contracts / Management of the Logistics Chain).

– Construction phase: project management, cost control, compliance with deadlines, documentation control, logistics management on site, management of risks and safety, quality and productivity standards.

– Development phases: project feasibility analysis, project planning, acquisition of the site, project financing, execution of the project.

Cogestil is committed to eco-sustainability, attested to by the company’s efforts to teach all newly hired employees the theoretical and practical guidelines of green building practices, with a deep conviction that building environmentally friendly real estate complexes is beneficial not only to the environment, but also to those who live there.