Core Business


The building of the new IBM headquarter in Segrate began in September 2002 and ended on July 16, 2004.

IBP S.r.l. (a company of Stilo Group) acquired the IBM area in September 2001 and occupied an area of 516.000 square meters in the town of Segrate, with the aim of developing an innovative Business Park project.

The new Head Office IBM represents the first phase of this important project and covers a portion of approximately 190.000 square meters, located between the Idroscalo and the San Felice neighborhood.

The complex that houses the headquarters of IBM South Europe, designed by Aymaro Isle of Turin and named “The four doors,” accommodates up to 3.000 people and is distributed in four blocks connected to each other.

The complex, which is technologically “among the most advanced buildings in Europe,” reflects the principles of sustainable construction, with the internal glass façade showing several green areas, ensuring efficient natural lighting to all work areas. The external façade instead is coated in vibrapack, an artificial stone which, for colors and properties, simulates the effect of terracotta and brick. The choice of this type of material was dictated by the desire to integrate the building into the landscape, recalling typical elements of Lombard rural architecture.

The realization of the project was managed by Cogestil, a construction company controlled by Stilo, in joint venture with Fiat Engineering.