Crespi d’adda

Antonio Percassi, through the holding Odissea srl, finalized the acquisition of the Crespi D’Adda complex located in Capriate San Gervasio (BG) district.

It is a unique example of industrial archaeology, listed since 1995 in the Unesco World Heritage: it represents an “Industrial Worker Village” among the most well preserved in the world. The Board of the Ministry of the Architecture and Culture authorized the acquisition.

The complex, with an area of about 90,000 square meters sits on an area of about 135,000 thousand square meters, 36,000 of which wooded, and dates back to 1878. It was used as the first factory of the Crespi family, later becoming a manufacturing site, always in the textile sector, with the transition to the Sti and then to the Legler family. The plant has hosted production activities for up to 125 years, until 2003, and the houses are still in use today.

The building will have a multipurpose function: besides becoming the new headquarter of Percassi, with offices and centers for research, Crespi D’Adda will be transformed into a cultural center, the seat of the newly instituted “ The Antonio Percassi family Foundation.”

“I am enthusiastic about the finalization of this operation. Crespi D’Adda is a beautiful example of culture enlightened by work. It’s an honor for me to have the chance to move the Headquarters of the Group here, at the same time launching this site, that deserves a new development. Also through the promotion of cultural activities” stated Antonio Percassi, President of the company.